The Cambodian Landmine Museum needs to expand. The building we are currently using for a shop, theater and art gallery is inadequate. It is made from tin and wood. It leaks in the rainy season and it is hot in the dry season. And the rainy season.

We need a new building to house the shop, the theater and the art exhibit room. The room will also be the home to a new exhibit to the Museum: Living With Landmines.

Living With Landmines is a photo exhibit by award-winning Canadian photographer Tony Hauser. It tells the story of over a dozen children rescued by Aki Ra and his wife Hourt, who called the Relief Center home. A powerful and moving  exhibit, it has been shown all over the world. Its permanent home will be at the Cambodia Landmine Museum.

The Museum has contracted the architect who has done much of the work for the Museum and we will begin construction when funds are raised.  You can donate at the donation link here at the website.


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