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Although not a standalone NGO (RSVP works hand-in-hand with CSHD), our organization was started in the 1990s by Aki Ra while he was demining in rural villages. These villages had no access to education. The village chief approached Aki Ra and asked him to build them a school. In 2011, we created the name “Rural School Village Program” in order to raise awareness to this cause!

Our objective is to teach rural village children to read and write Khmer, and do basic math. When we began, none of our schools were recognized by the government. As of 2018, all of our 21 schools are recognized government schools. Today, we teach about 3,000 children who would have otherwise had limited opportunity to access education. Our 22nd school is currently under construction and will be completed by October 2018. 

We are making a difference!

These schools are provided by sponsors, donors, and friends of RSVP so that Khmer children (and adults) have the essential tools to educate themselves for the better.

Our sponsors:

  • Provide the building materials
  • Pay the teachers
  • Provide the school supplies

The Villagers:

  • Build the schools
  • Teach the students
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