Sister NGOs and Projects

Rural School Village Program (RSVP)- Builds schools in rural areas where previously there was not an accessible school for children to attend. We also provide the school supplies each year to our 26 schools, 3,700 students and counting. 

Cambodian Self-Help Demining (CHSD) Works to clear landmines and other unexploded ordnances still buried around Cambodia in order to make land safe and usable for the Cambodian people. 

The Landmine Relief Fund- is an American based charity run by Bill Morse, who is also the museum’s International Project Manager. This organization exists to fund CSHD and help the museum provide scholarships to the Khmer students who have lived at the Museum. 

The Relief Center-  On the Museum grounds, for 10 years the Relief Center was home to at-risk Khmer children who needed  support, and a home. Currently, no children live at the Relief Center, but we still support those who have by providing university scholarships. 

The Together Project- Part of the Cambodian NGO Rural Schools Support Organization (RSSO). TTP was founded in 2019 to deal with the impact Covid-19 had on the economy of Cambodia. With over 250 tons of food and counting already donated, TTP is now moving to establish sustainable, long term programs so people can help themselves.

The Farm Project-  Growing trees to plant in villages and cleared minefields. Offers locals the opportunity to learn and grow new crops.